Introducing a Website Design Company that offers you professionally custom-designed and affordable websites. Utilizing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as well as Dynamic Content Management Systems, we will create a website for your business that is addictive and will place you firmly on the cyberspace map.

Have you created and / or revitalized your online presence yet ?

This is the single most important step in repositioning your business . Did you know that the Internet is the fastest-growing aspect of our lives? In comparison to only 0.4% of the world population having used the Internet in 1995, a huge 23.5% of the entire world's population is online today! And the majority of these users are web-savvy with online access at home. They research, study, email, chat, download podcasts, and shop online. Latest statistics show that online businesses and sales are continuing to explode, and could reach more than $300 billion in the United States alone by 2010! This is more than 12 % of overall retail US sales from a new category of business that hardly existed ten years ago!


Expansion of the Internet into all business and personal communications is inevitable. What was once considered a trend is becoming the norm. The time is now for EVERYONE to get online. In our lifetime, “newbies” will cease to exist.

More people spend time online nowadays than ever, and you have a greater chance of being noticed with a website that :

  • Has a sleek, crisp and professional look and feel
  • Is easy to navigate - Follows good design principles
  • Loads fast
  • Makes use of professional CSS programming
  • Has an active Search Engine Optimization strategy
  • Encourages your visitors to come back again and again, because their initial visit to your website was a pleasant / informative / fun experience

Hot Fudge actively seeks to do just that - to successfully promote your business by creating a “hot” website thereby adding that “bite of sweetness” to your life


Firmly place your business on the cyber-map &
Up the anti
Drive targeted groups of people to your products and services &
Get ahead of the competition
Experience business growth &
! Ultimately make more money


Mini Website - R672.50 per page  Small Website - R641.67 per page  Medium Website - R618.75 per page  Large Website - R590.00 per page